LIIR is a multi-disciplinary creative direction, production and design studio founded by Lisa Rolfsmeyer in 2016,
working on projects in fashion, lifestyle and beauty. 
Creating products for visual communication in both digital and print, providing a variety of solutions from conception, direction and consultancy to execution, post-production and graphic design.

We create digital and non-digital brand content. Always based on a strong strategic and creative foundation.
Whereby collaboration and honesty is at the heart of everything we do. 

We don’t believe in borders between art and design, but rather in out of the box thinking, originality and teamwork.
Working on projects with small teams, wisely selected out of our wide network of photographers, artists and creatives,
the focus is placed on conceptually consistent and engaging content on every project.

lala Berlin,, LIEBESKIND Berlin, adidas, Embee Studios, Maison Heroine,
CeeCee Creative, Mvschi Kreuzberg, nike

INDIE Magazine, Whitelies Magazine, Icon, Kaltblut, Grazia, WeAr, Gala, Atlas, SYN, About Fashion Magazine

Vitali Gelwich, Hadley Hudson, Nina Raasch, Lukas Gansterer, Sebastian Donath,
Janine Sametzky, Burak Isserven, Sven Kristian, Mirja Zentgraf, Sabrina Theissen